I got a call from Marvin (96 Dodge Sport), he was stuck along with Mike in his SuperDuty  Dually. He called Mike to pull him out first, which he didn't even make it back to him. I tried to pull the Superduty out with no chance, he was sitting on the axles. I never tried to get Marvin out, the hook showed up right after the attempt on the Ford. Here are a couple of pics. I have a little problem around out them, but hooked up I would just buried myself. It's been raining a lot lately, 2" just overnight. BTW he just went to cut wood.
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The hook for both of them, and another SuperDuty with 35" Boggers that stopped by.

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Me with a new color.

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Marvin's stock Ram in comparision to 7" Lift & 35" tires