Haspin Acres July 4th, 2004

Me, LT & Marvin had a great time this ride. We had a couple of great stucks and a little carnage. We had our first stuck within 15 mins. of hitting the trail, LT found a deep water hole. The bottom was like quick sand and the Ram just can't swim. I got to use the new winch right away. Here's a couple of pics.

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The carnage from this was the starter is shot and ripped the bottom facia off the bumper, good thing his is a stick.

Next this is a GMC that tried the same hole later in the day, both of these trucks on 35's. His steering gearbox was pouring fluid out of the bottom seal as soon as he was pulled out.

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The Chevy on 38" boggers trying to pull him out was pissed, when he snapped a front axle shaft and the Superwinch popped at the same time. LT back up and yanked him out.

Next is me, approach angle sucks with the Trans4mer mount and my new 12k MileMarker winch. Most of the holes are deeper than there are long, my back wheels were barely on the ground. I buried the front up over the winch, LT pulled me out the way I went in.

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Now this was pretty cool, this guy had a flat, the tire on the top. He was driving the trail (on 3 wheels) to get it fixed.

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This is Marvin hammering the hell out of the 85' Ram, he never made it through this trail but he  never got stuck. His carnage was a busted body mount on the left rear cab mount, which shifted somewhat and dropped a couple inches causing the fan to take the bottom radiator hose out.

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Here are just some random pics.

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