Dodge Magnum 406 Stroker $2300

1997 5.9L 4.020" bore block                      Ohio Crank 4.000" Stroke

 crank1.jpg (674435 bytes)

Eagle SIR rods                                     Eagle rods & DC pistons

eaglerods.jpg (122800 bytes) scales.jpg (135567 bytes) pistonrods.jpg (674275 bytes)

New HD Magnum heads, Pro Topline castings I believe... my porting

Mock up for block clearance

block2.jpg (631175 bytes) block4.jpg (663540 bytes)

Notched block for rod bolt clearance .060-.080" recommended

blknotch.jpg (663328 bytes)


Checking crankshaft endplay .002" & bearing clearance .002"

Don't forget the rear main seal & the short block almost done.

Stainless Steel Headers (Claims 21HP & 42 FT LB Torque) We'll SEE

headers.jpg (666702 bytes) headers1.jpg (683536 bytes)

Hughes Plenum Plate (very nice)...old junk full of oil again.

 old plenum.jpg (650617 bytes) 

Ready to install: sandblasted and glass beaded

intake.jpg (641667 bytes) intake1.jpg (659351 bytes)

New HD Magnum heads...the guys that put the valve seats in SUCK. The first picture shows how deep they bored, with a huge step in there about 1/2" to deep.  The second picture is where I had to clean them up, now I will do some more polishing.

The Harland Sharp 1.6 roller rocker...nice rockers.


Ready to drop in 3/18/06

Short block



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